Get a 1-UP on the competition with amiibo

Tap one of these amiibo figures—and many more—to get awesome stuff.

This could be a game changer

Game over? Tap a compatible amiibo figure in Minigame Island mode to get a life back when you need it the most.

Stand on a circle marked with the amiibo symbol and tap to get in-game coins.

Tap any amiibo figure from the Mario Series to earn 10 in-game coins.

If a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa is standing on the amiibo circle, tap their respective amiibo figure to earn 50 in-game coins.

Unlock fun fast

Tap a Goomba or Koopa Troopa amiibo figure to fast-unlock their respective Minigame Pack.

This option will become unavailable once the player unlocks these Minigame Packs in Minigame Island.